Thursday, April 27, 2006

Our Eternal Purpose

Ephesians 3:10 tells us that God's purpose for the church is for us to make His wisdom known to "the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realm". The verse tells us of an "eternal" purpose regarding things that we cannot see with our eyes. There's a spiritual dimension out there that we only know only dimly.

I was reminded of a poem recently called "This Drama Earth". It is based on Ephesians 3:10 and some other Scriptures. It was helpful to me in setting my eyes on that which is not seen and considering things in heaven. I thought that it might be thought-provoking and helpful to share.... so check out this link if you'd like:

"This Drama Earth"

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brad stone said...

" the heavenly realm..." indicating that the realm that we see with our two orbital, light receptors in the sockets of our skulls is NOT the limit of "reality." Recently a conversation with a brother here brought this same observation leading us to consider Elisha and and his unbelieving servant whose eyes were opened by the Almighty to see the Reality of things unseen!

In the midst of the little "struggles", pains, inconveniences, purturbances etc. of life, may our eyes be opened to HIS perfect will for our perfection in/for His Son that we may LIVE His Will rejoicing always and giving thanks in ALL things (after all isn't it those "all things" that are used to mature us/bring us to perfection?)